I specialize in the creation of: Acting & Production Reels, Head Shots, Short Films, Photography, Commercials, and Promotional Materials for new and existing media based clients looking to reach their ideal demographic in the most captivating and appropriate way.


     I would love the opportunity to bring your projects to life in spectacular fashion. I pride myself on my diligence and ability to be very detailed in my work.  It is my duty to get you and your project out into the world as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing on quality.

     Please feel free to reach out to me for consultations. I am happy to answer any questions, comments or concerns in regard to potential projects! 

     I graduated from the University of North Texas in the Spring of 2017 with a B.A. in Media Arts and a minor in Real Estate. Directing media was my overall focus during my time at the university. I currently work as the Media & Marketing Director for KeyCity Capital - A Top 100 Real Estate Investing Firm located in Southlake, TX.


    Since the end of my academic career, I have had the opportunity to create and produce professional commercials, general ads, and promotional materials for the KeyCity Capital and Farmers Insurance brands, of which I have reached over 58,000 people who viewed my products online.  I have also created Acting Reels for several local Dallas actors who have since gone on to secure contracts with acting agencies stretching as far out as Los Angeles, California. 

    I am currently expanding my portfolio to include more Business and Real Estate based media products - including informational, educational, promotional and testimonials. If you are needing something more corporate or business professional from the get go, please make sure to let me know.

    I am very versatile when it comes to the numerous types of production and I am always looking for a challenge. Please don't hesitate to shoot me an email if my services are to your liking, in terms of the content you are wishing to create.

Directing: Behind the Scenes Photos


     Since the age of five, I have been fascinated by the mysterious and illusive world of film-making. I found myself drawn to its creative power in storytelling very early on in life. That fascination has continued to stay with me to this day.


     In my adolescent years, I began creating short films and skits with my friends which have since evolved into full scale productions - often times with professional crews. Even with years of studying media at the collegiate level,  the knowledge required to create unique and interesting projects is a never ending journey.


      The most rewarding feeling I have discovered in this industry is being able to find your way with the help of like minded, dedicated collaborators who share your passion. The ability to work with and help other artists realize their creative visions through my production process is the only satisfaction I strive to earn.


     With your consideration, I intend to inject the same level of quality and dedicated effort that I strive for in my own projects into every frame of yours.

     Thank you for giving me the opportunity to compete for your business.

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